Photographic Manipulation University Assignment Semester 2

As part of my photography minor, me and my classmates were asked to re-create a master photographer’s or master artist’s work in a third year class. This post shows the images I created for this assignment. This first image was a re-creation of Salvador Dali’s Rose Meditative (1958), and I recreated it using a photograph of a real rose and photographing a background image.

Salvador Dali “Rose Meditative” Photographic Re-Creation

This second image was a re-creation of another of Salvador Dali’s paintings. This one is a re-creation of A Portrait of a Passionate Woman (The Hands) (1945). I created this one with a separate image for both hands and a background image.

Salvador Dali “Portrait of a Passionate Woman” Photographic Re-Creation

The final image is a re-creation of one of Jose Roosevelts paintings. At first I couldn’t find the name of it, then my tutor at University found it during marking and let me know. It is called “The Invisible Coat” (1987). I re-created this painting with a number of different shots bound into the final image and with two background shots; one for the sky and one for the pond and pond banks.

Jose Roosevelt “The Invisible Coat” Photographic Re-Creation Self-Portraiture

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