Photography Manipulation University Assignment Semester 1

This was an assignment from a third year photography assignment. It asked me and my class mates to create a fantasy image. All of these are self-portrait images and were difficult to shoot, but I got there in the end with some help. When given the assignment, I immediately started thinking of the things I could create and was so excited, even though I had no experience with photo manipulations. At first I thought how I could use my cattle in this assignment, and I did not disappoint, as you can see.

Getaway on a Cow Manipulation Self-Portraiture

For the second image I wanted to re-create the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole in my own style. I took the background image in a pine plantation and used effects to blend the image of the ‘rabbit hole’ into the background image.

Rabbit Hole in the Forest Manipulation Self-Portraiture

This last image is probably my favourite because its no strange and mystical. I wanted to experiement with different trends and create something different. This image was another self-portrait taken in my front yard with a photograph my cat placed on top.

Cat Head on Human Body Manipulation Self-Portraiture

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