My Incurably Ill Cat

A few weeks ago, my cat had a clot lodged somewhere in her back in the middle of a Tuesday night after I got home from work, which led to temporary paralysis of her hind legs and a lot of pain for her. I had no idea what to do, let alone what it could be after checking her for fleas, and took her to the vet at 12:30 am.

Long story short, my cat, Cleo, has heart disease. Feline heart disease is a disease that most commonly effects only certain, more ‘exotic’ breeds. She was a stray when we got her, she was barely out of kitten-hood I would guess, and we have no idea what her parentage is, let alone what breeds she is. She looks like a regular Moggie, except her colouring is quite different to the regular Moggie cat community.

We took her to a specialist who was able to properly diagnose her and get her stabilised, after she went into congestive heart failure; her heart just couldn’t keep up after her clot. They stabilised her, called us down, and told us she is to have five tablets a day, to keep her indoors for two weeks and that she will only live another 5-11 months, despite her being middle aged.

At around the two week mark after she came home, I had a day off work and decided it was time to see how she goes outside. I stayed with her, but took my camera with me, knowing I wouldn’t have much more time with her. Usually my other cat, Peanut, steals the limelight when it comes to the camera.

She is getting better at taking the pills and getting used to it still, but she is content and at home, which is all I could ask for.