I Bought a New Camera!

About a month ago, I received a much anticipated parcel in the mail…a new Sony a7iii Mirrorless Camera! I had been saving for months and months to buy one and finally the day came and I could not wait to try it out. The main reason I went with the a7iii was because of it’sContinue reading “I Bought a New Camera!”


New Branding!

If you’ve been following my Intsagram or watching my site, you would have noticed I’ve made a huge change to my branding — actually, I’ve changed the whole thing! Except the name of course. I made my original logo in Uni a couple of years ago for my final major project, but for the pastContinue reading “New Branding!”

Long Days and Busy Schedules

Between work, study and life, I’ve found it hard to update my posts here, and have barely had a chance to even look at my site. On the bright side I have been enjoying my studies and my work/life balance has flowed nicely, so while I’m missing in action in my blog posts, everything isContinue reading “Long Days and Busy Schedules”

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