2018 Photography Challenge: December

Week 49: Vision: Look Back: This week the task requires me to redo a task from earlier on in the challenge to see how I would photograph it now. Personally, I chose to do the Full Manual task, Week 3 (in the 2018 Photography Challenge: January post). This year I have discovered astrophotography which IContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: December”


2018 Photography Challenge: November

Week 45: Vision: Show Half: For this task I initially wanted to show the top half of my face with my eyes and forehead only shown in the photograph, but I wasn’t happy with the images and decided to choose a different method; to photograph only one side of my face, instead of just theContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: November”

2018 Photography Challenge: October

Week 41: Composition: Rule of Odds: I decided to use my film cameras my pop got me as the subjects of this image. It’s not a perfect shot, probably more journalistic. Only half of these work, and there’s only one I really use which is the Ricoh 35zf on the far left. Still, it madeContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: October”

2018 Photography Challenge: September

Week 36: Vision: Ordinary This week I used one of my great loves – books – as my subject. I love that such an ordinary object can hold so much meaning, so many stories and lives. This book is a one that was released last year, “Saga Land”. I love the old stories of NorseContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: September”

2018 Photography Challenge: August

Week 31: Photographer’s Choice: One night this week our dog, Hound, was waiting for my dad at the door, and after waiting for a few minutes, he sat down. After waiting some more, he eventually lay down, and then put his chin on his fore paw, as the photograph depicts. The way the light fromContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: August”

2018 Photography Challenge: July

Week 27: Flattery The idea for this week was to choose a famous photographer or artist and recreate their technique. I decided to choose Ansel Adams. His photographs were known for their wonderful black and white detail. I decided to recreate an image of his, one taken of thr ground with a large leaf inContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: July”

2018 Photography Challenge: June

Week 23: No Peeking: So, for this assignment, it was to be taken as the title says: without looking at the viewfinder, like you were using a film camera. Now, I don’t have a film camera, so this one was super hard, mainly because I am so used to being able to look at theContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: June”

2018 Photography Challenge: May

Week 18: Photographer’s Choice: This week I did I shoot with my brother on his motorbike. He wanted me to shoot him on his phone to get some videos of him, but I took my camera as well, with the intent on getting some candid shots of him. I did get a few and theContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: May”

2018 Photography Challenge: April

Week 14: Diptych or Triptych: This week was initially hard, because I had no idea what a diptych was, then after researching what it was I had to figure out what subject and/or story I was going to depict in my two photographs. I chose to photograph my brother and his dog and show theContinue reading “2018 Photography Challenge: April”

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