2018 Photography Challenge: April

Week 14: Diptych or Triptych: This week was initially hard, because I had no idea what a diptych was, then after researching what it was I had to figure out what subject and/or story I was going to depict in my two photographs. I chose to photograph my brother and his dog and show the relationship between the two. This part was surprisingly easy, as Lacey (my brother’s dog) has a habit (no thanks to Ben’s training) of jumping up on chairs and sitting on them. That’s how I got the idea in the first place, and from there all it took was a photograph of my brother. These two are seriously best mates, and he always takes the time to train her and spend time with her outside of work, and to capture the friendship between the two is really special.

Week 15: Rule of Space: This week, I decided to use my cat (again) as a subject, as you’ll see in the next few weeks as well, as she always seems to follow me. One morning this week, I carried my camera wherever I could to photograph her as she followed me, and got a few shots of her with plenty of space around her to frame her. This is what this weeks assignment is about; to leave space around the subject in the photograph. I know this one has Cleo half hidden behind a pole on our veranda, though I think it adds to the photograph in it’s own way.

Week 16: Portrait Lighting: Again my subject is my cat (sorry). I went outside one day this week to do a yoga session, and of course she found her way out to me again. In the back yard are two big jacaranda trees that create some nice shade, which is why I like to do my yoga sessions out there. When she appeared on this day, halfway through some pose I had a stroke of genius (I think), and ran back inside to get my camera and back out again before she could follow me there too. I then, like any cat owner and to Cleos total disgruntlement, put her in the tree, and started to photograph her before she climbed back down. The point of this and to get back to this weeks assessment was because I love natural lighting, and I love shooting portraits in natural light. The added dappled sunlight coming through the tree leaves is the icing on the cake.

Week 17: Humour: Um, what? How do I shoot humour, without actually photographing someone laughing? I really struggled with this, and by the end of the week I was running out of options and yeah, I photographed my cat again. One thing I tried to do was, again at her disgruntlement, get her and Lacey have a face off but they just avoid each other in an unspoken cat-dog agreement. So, it came back to the same situation as last week. Once again I was being stalked by my own cat and decided to photograph her from far away and on her level. Does this look humorous at all to you? I don’t know, I really tried.

2018 Photography Challenge: March

We finished up February with a few abandoned train carriages and the like. This month we explore macro, negative space and selective colour.

Week 10: Selective Colour: This week was a little tough, because I didn’t know what to photograph that hadn’t already been photographed before and edited with selective colour. In the end, I went with photographing a flower in my garden (totally not done before) and opened Photoshop to select the petals and create the selective colour effect.

Week 11: Negative Space: This was something else I struggled with, but in the end I was lying outside enjoying the sunlight with a good book when I decided to give this one a crack. I like the organic feel the grass and paper give to the photograph (also, stock photograph worthy). I actually wanted the book to lay open, flat, but it just wouldn’t, which as it so often happens, only added to the photograph.

Week 12: Macro: I don’t own a macro. I really want one, but I don’t have one. I do have a 55-200 zoom lens that kinda works pretty well, minus the miniature bug detailed photographs (:|). So this week, I decided to get up close and personal with my cat; or as close as you can with a zoom lens. This was difficult, trying to hold my camera steady with the zoom all the way in and the subject so close, but I managed, and I love the results. As a side note, these photographs would have also done well in the Fill the Frame task in Week 7.

Week 13: Leading Lines: For this task, I decided to take a photograph of my drive way, which is 500 meters long so I had enough to play with here. As I was taking the shot, I heard my father coming up the drive way in his ute after out doing some work on a property, and took the opportunity to use the ute as the subject. It worked out perfectly.

2018 Photography Challenge: February

Last month we finished off in week 5 of the Dogwood Photography Challenge. The assignment for that week was a wild card; this meant it was the photographer’s choice as to what they would photograph and why. I struggled a lot to find time and places to go to fulfil the assignments each week, so I would use images from the next week or week before, working on two weeks at once sometimes. This month started off similarly.

Week 6: Alternating Rhythm: week six was all about finding alternating patterns of light. Given that I took a whole lot of photographs while in Brisbane last month, I decided to use one from while I was there for this assignment as well. I had read ahead to the description for week 6 and knew what they were asking for, and thought of the best photograph for it. It was raining and it was night time. I focused my camera on the window instead of the lights of the cars and was not disappointed by the patterns of bokeh I received.

Week 7: Fill the Frame: I had to bust out my zoom lens for this one. I had been using my 50mm for so long and I hardly used my 50-200mm zoom anymore. I am glad I have it in my kit though. For this assignment, I chose to photography my cat up close, with her amazing blue eyes.

Week 8: Zoom Burst: Doing the zoom burst was hard this week, because I needed to find something to photograph that was in context with and suited the zoom burst. I decided to use the local old train station as a location. I photographed the tracks, which are now overrun with grass, but I still love the effect, even if the shot isn’t perfect.

Week 9: Forsaken: This week was all about forsaken or abandoned places. When I took the shot of the zoom burst, I decided to hit two birds with one stone and take photographs of the beautiful, old carriages lined up along the abandoned tracks.


I recently stayed in Brisbane for five days for work inductions, and took the opportunity to photograph to have something to do in my spare time. It was also a great way to practice photographing the same things I was seeing everyday but with a different perspective. To be honest, I really didn’t have the time to photograph anything outside of the hotel, but I had a pretty stellar view anyway. Here are a few shots from my time there.

These may not be much and they are only a few, but to me they are my best shots from the week after I sorted through them all. I love the difference in morning and night and the rain on the window with the bokeh from the car lights behind it.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year and has had a great week. Till next time.


2018 Photography Challenge: January

At the beginning of this year, I decided to commit myself to the Dogwood Photography Challenge which you can just find online. To be completely honest, it started out very sporadic, and I have only now (kind of) caught up with it. Some I have not had the time or have forgotten to do it, given my new full-time work schedule, so I had to slot some in from later on after the assignment week had passed. Ultimately, I am doing the challenge at the best pace I can and getting each week done as I can.

The way the challenge works is each week is a new assignment and each month I will post here what I did for each assignment for that month. So, here is January’s photographs from the challenge with my intents and so on.

Week 1: Look ahead: For this image, I was a bit stuck for a while but eventually went with what it meant for me in the new year. This year I don’t go back to uni as I’ve finished so it’s a bit of a change, as well getting a full time job as well (another big change). So this year, I want to focus on growth, following my passions, not getting too caught up in the stress of life and relaxing a bit.

Week 2: Colour harmony: I love books. I love book cover design. I love colour. Mesh them together and you get why I chose books for my subject for this week. I have so many books in different colours that I thought they would be the best candidate for this assignment.

Week 3: Full Manual: This is where things got sporadic because I kind of  went ‘meh’ with this one; I always shoot manual. And before I knew it I was behind. Long story short, this is a photo I took after the slotted in for this assignment. I took this in Brisbane from a hotel window. I tried to get the clean lines of the lights, but this is what I got and I thought it was a nice and different way to do the long exposure. That parts of the cars on the left lane can be seen still doesn’t bother me; in fact I believe it adds to the image.

Week 4: Quiet Moment: This one was a pretty easy assignment. I thought about the quiet moments I get in my own life, and decided to photograph how my ideal morning looks like: sitting outside with a coffee and a good book.

Week 5: Photographer’s Choice: This week the assignment was a Wildcard, where I could shoot on my own terms. It was another one that I struggled with, finding an intent and a subject to shoot. I decided to slot in another from my trip to Brisbane. This is another one from the hotel window, taken of the river the city at night.

That’s all from this month. I’m determined to become more organised for next month, but we shall see.



Australia Zoo Trip

I recently took a trip to Australia Zoo with a couple of my friends. They had actually organised a (very late) surprise birthday trip for me to the zoo, so I had no idea where we were going. I was pretty stoked when I found out. And even though I didn’t know where we were going, I wanted to take my camera, so I could photograph whatever this surprise was. They advised I take it anyway when letting me know what to take (they know me so well).

I have a portfolio post you can view here that includes all of my photography from the day. Here are some of my favourites from the day:

LA Designs to Frankly Speaking Re-Branding!

So LA Designs has now been re-branded! The new branding for my service is Frankly Speaking. This new design for my identity is a lot more professional, modern and unique, not to mention more in tune with my own style. I love it, and I hope you do to.

Frankly Speaking

I chose the frankly speaking idiom, just if you’re wondering, because I consider myself a frank and honest person, and I just like the phrase. I designed it to me more modern than my original branding, and felt it would be more successful. Here are some designs I have done for my collateral.

Frankly Speaking Postcard Design


Frankly Speaking Says Hello Postcard Design

Along with the re-branding, you’ll notice the website it a lot different too. I’ve updated my portfolio to more relevant and recent projects I have been doing. I hadn’t had the time earlier this year to update the website and my online portfolio because of my University studies, but it’s all in there now. Go take a look at my portfolio, and check out what I’ve been up to.


Frankly Speaking

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