Lookback at my Favourite Work

With everyone going into self isolation (I’m on my first week) and with more time on my hands of late I’ve found myself scrolling through old photos and designs I’ve done in the past, at Uni, home and on my travels. So I decided to do a post sharing some of the work I’m most proud of.

Final DG Cover Design

This was a Uni project I did in my third year for a magazine cover design. My inspiration for this design was Ed Hardy’s tattoo designs they are famous for.

Aztec Delight Packaging Style 1

For this project I was asked to create a packaging design for a product of our choice. I (obviously) decided to choose chocolate, taking inspiration from Aztec patterns, as the product name suggests, as well as the history around the cocao bean in Mayan history.

In my second year of Uni I was asked to create a game, totally our own with packaging and game pieces, the lot. I made a game that involves joining groups or travelling in couples in vintage cars to different areas across the coast that are great places to visit.

In my days outside of study I sat down and completed a number of self initiated projects. These helped me a huge amount practice my skills in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

I seem to have a lot of projects from Uni that are favourites. This one was a group project I completed with probably the best group project team mates ever. We worked so well together and made great friendships together. We were given a client (a film festival association) and had to make a full campaign for the clients event. Our inspiration for the design (which I whipped up in Photoshop) was kaleidoscopes, tying it back to film through the different lenses you can use and see through kaleidoscopes.

This photo I took the day before my birthday on a trip I took by myself in 2018 (I know, by my self) to the Mothar Mountain Rockpools in Gympie. I went by myself mostly so that I had no one to bug me, allowing me to properly focus and take my time setting up the shots. I’m mostly proud of this shot because it was the first shoot I did testing out long exposure photography. It was from this day I fell in love with this form of photography.

Following on from the last photograph, my first test with long exposure, I then wanted to expand my horizons and try astrophotography. Once again, I fell in love with this form of photography as well, the technical aspects that need to be perfected to get the right shot. This was from my second shoot trying out astrophotography, after the first was a fail and eventually figuring it out.

Over new years we went to Fraser Island and while we were there I took some shots of the night sky. Given this shoot was taken on a more updated camera and after more than a year of practicing astro since the previous photo was taken.

The last piece I am proud of is a photograph I took on the Australia Day weekend this year. We stopped at Thallon for the night where it stormed for the first time in more than a year. Crawling out of the rooftop tent we found water puddles all over the place with the Thallon silos being hit with the morning sun.

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