New Years Celebrations

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years celebrations, whatever it may have been. I spent my New Years on Fraser Island, where I enjoyed crystal clear waters, snorkeling up creeks and watching the sunsets with a drink in hand. I was there for a week and obviously took my camera with me to photograph the landscape, seascape, the sunsets and spectacular night sky.

The days were overcast more than sunny, so it wasn’t overly hot. When the clouds did clear and in moments when I wasn’t swimming in the creek, I walked up the creek or the beach with my new camera, the Sony a7iii. It was a good opportunity to test out my new neutral density filter.

We stayed on the western side of the island, where it was a lot quieter and at a camp ground that is only accessible at low tide through a tidal creek. The water was crystal clear, making it perfect for snorkeling all the way up the creek.

Being an island far enough away from any major city the amount of light polution in the sky was fairly low, making it a great location for astrophotography. Not only this, I could properly practice astrophotography with my a7iii, being the first real opportunity to practice it since buying the camera.