Bring on 2020

2019 has certainly been a roller coaster. I started my studies again, conquered the new challenge of finding a balance between work, study and life, throwing into the mix a new relationship and the loss of my pet cat.

So 2019 has been both challenging and exciting all at once. Which would surely mean 2020 will continue to throw much of the same towards me. Which is okay. This year’s experiences have helped me grow and I’ve become a happier person because of them.

But this year hasn’t offered many opportunities to use my cameras and practice my photography, though I have tried where I can. So in 2020 I aim to photograph more, take my cameras with me more often and set up some side projects. I might even start another photography challange. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the 2018 Dogwood Photography Challenge, and I learnt so much about my style and photography in general. Not only this but it kept the skills I already had sharp, and helped me grow new skills.

In terms of my blog and social media, however, I won’t be as active as I’ve been in the past. Just like the last twelve months, I will be pretty preoccupied, but I also find little enjoyment in trying to keep up with making content while feeling happy and authentic in my posts and social media. So expect less but know that everything is fine.

Wrapping up, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and that you enjoy your New Years celebrations, whatever that may be. Here’s to the new year.

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