New Branding!

If you’ve been following my Intsagram or watching my site, you would have noticed I’ve made a huge change to my branding — actually, I’ve changed the whole thing! Except the name of course.

Old logo
New logo

I made my original logo in Uni a couple of years ago for my final major project, but for the past year I just haven’t been happy with it and have wanted a change. The problem was I needed time to design a new logo and I didn’t actually know where to begin. I’ve been busy with life for the last seven months and haven’t been able to focus on it, until recently, when I chipped away at a new logo between study time and work.

I wanted to keep my name (Frankly Speaking) to keep it consistant and not get anyone confused, but I wanted to change it to represent me now, not in 2017, because since then I’ve changed so much as a person and as a photographer. I needed something to represent me as I am, not some ametuer graphic designer/photographer with high expectations and unrealistic dreams (lets face it; we’ve all been there at some point). I realised after I graduated six months after I finished my degree that while I wanted to do great things and work in a successful business with other designers and photographers, it actually wasn’t for me. It might look good in theory and in my head, but when I tried it, it really took the fun away for me.

Which is why I choose not to advertise Frankly Speaking everywhere, because I’d rather do my own creative work than be constantly hired for jobs my heart just isn’t in. And that’s okay! Photography is my passion, and while I enjoy doing shoots for people and families and couples, I couldn’t do it everyday. Cudos to those who do *que the applause*.

So now I’m going to focus more on blogging, which I thoroughly enjoy. I’m not the best at it, haven’t been at it for a long time, and am probably being super boring in my posts droning on about my basic life (but I really hope not). But that’s not the point, the point is I’m still working on my site and my blog, I’m updating Frankly Speaking to represent me as I am now. I’ve realised that I now don’t have unrealistic expectations of my future and that I wish to follow the beat of my own drum, not that of the people who say what I should be doing or where I should be in life. And I can do this through my passion; photography.

I started photography at Uni as a minor while I was studying Graphic Design, using my mum’s ameteur Sony camera for my classes (the a65 that I still use today) and since then I have fallen in love with it. My pop bought me a second hand working manual film camera (my Ricoh zf35) a year ago for $2 at a garage sale and I fell in love again, but this time with film photography.

So, basically what I’m saying is not the cliche thing your mum told when you were ten years old and you wanted to be an astronaut (even though mumma knows best everywhere else in life). No, I’m saying follow your passions, the things that light the fire in your belly and in your soul. Because sometimes following your dreams can leave you misguided and lost, while following your passions will leave you sure of your life path and of what you enjoy in this life.


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