My Favourite Works from 2018 and What 2019 Holds

It’s the end of a year and the beginning of another. Again. And so ensue all the New Years resolutions for 2019.

Instead of focusing on the year ahead however, I wanted to also say a final hurrah for 2018 by going through my favourite photographs and designs of this year.


Tracing of Concrete Tank Selfie5-07

*This was a random side project I made where I photographed myself then traced the photograph and made it into several graphics. You can see more of this series here.


Love Yourself Graphic-01

*Another random side project where I was trying out a new typeface I had found. See my portfolio post for this image here.


*See the portfolio post for these photo tracings here.


*The two astrophotography shots here were taken on the same night. See more about them in my portfolio post here.


*You can see my process for the dog/human image composition here.


*You can see more information on the last image (typographical name) here.


*This second image was taken at the Caboolture Abbey Medieval Festival.


*This image I took while doing week 32 of the 2018 Photography Challenge. See more here.


*See more images in this graphic design project here.

**This second image is a Christmas post card I did for a briefbox brief. See more here.

***The image of the shopping trolley is actually one of my first properly exposed images I took on my beloved Ricoh 35zf film camera with Kodak 400 Ultra Max Film.

****The image of the three cattle was also taken on my Ricoh 35zf with Kodak 400 Ultra Max Film.


*You can see more on this composition here.

**This image of the doughnuts and chocolates is from a wedding I had the pleasure of photographing, a job I don’t often get asked for.

***This image of some rock pools was taken at the Mothar Mountain Rock Pools, near Gympie, after a few days of fairly constant rain. See more on this image here.

****The last two images (of my cat on my back steps and the photo of the telephone box) were taken on my Ricoh 35zf with Kodak 400 Ultra Max Film.



* I made this composition for Week 52 of the 2018 Dogwood Photography Challenge, which you can find here.

** I took these shots of my cat Cleo after she came back from the specialist having developed heart disease. They are special to me because Peanut is usually my subject, but on this day I payed special attention to Cleo.

*** See more about this photograph of the Gerbera flower here.

So in 2018, I completed a photography challenge and saw it through till the end, I graduated University, learnt astrophotography and acquired my first manual film camera and learnt how to master it. For 2019, I will probably do another challenge. I learnt so much doing the 2018 Dogwood Photograph Challenge and have grown as a photographer and since the beginning of the year. I will also be looking for more opportunities to step outside my comfort zone, such as street photography or location shoots for astrophotography. I am usually too afraid to practice street photography and usually like to have someone with me when doing an astrophotography shoot, which makes it a hard one to do. I hope you have found my blog and my works entertaining and interesting, and if you have any feedback I’d be glad to hear from you!

In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy your new years celebrations!

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