2018 Photography Challenge: December

Week 49: Vision: Look Back: This week the task requires me to redo a task from earlier on in the challenge to see how I would photograph it now. Personally, I chose to do the Full Manual task, Week 3 (in the 2018 Photography Challenge: January post). This year I have discovered astrophotography which I love, so i chose to capture the night sky for this task. I was late in doing this task because my cat had sudden health issues one night and for that week I couldn’t think of anything else, so I was a week late, which put me in line with the yearly Geminid meteor shower which I was hoping to capture. Thanks to ex-tropical cyclone Owen we had constant overcast days and nights so I had to wait for a night when the sky would clear, and this photograph is about as clear as it was going to get for me for about five minutes before the clouds formed together again.

Week 50: Composition: Golden Ratio: This one took me a bit to master and understand, but I eventually decided to use my Gerbera flower as the subject and place the center of the flower in the middle of the spiral that would be Fibonacci’s rule.

Week 51: Technical: Exposure Compensation: For this task I used my plants that are in my room as props with my new lace curtains as a back drop. I used the curtains because I know it would confuse my camera into being lighter than the scene actually is, and used my cameras exposure compensation to bring the exposure back to where it should be.

Week 52: Creative: Self Portrait: I created this composition in week 51 because I knew I wouldn’t have time in week 52 given it is a short week. I wanted to create something that was a bit unique, showing my love for my plants as well as for books and knowledge.

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