2018 Photography Challenge: November

Week 45: Vision: Show Half:

For this task I initially wanted to show the top half of my face with my eyes and forehead only shown in the photograph, but I wasn’t happy with the images and decided to choose a different method; to photograph only one side of my face, instead of just the top of my face.

Week 46: Composition: Golden Triangles:

This weekend I went on a camping trip to Double Island Point with two of my brothers and one of their close friends, and during the second day of the trip we travelled to the light house and went fishing off the rocks. While me and my eldest brother stayed below, my youngest brother and his friend went walking up to the peak of a mound of rock beside the water, and I snapped a few photographs of them on top. I believe this was the photograph that represented the Golden Triangles rule the best.

Week 47: Technical: Step Back:

At the end of last week I photographed my youngest brother’s formal. I left them for a couple of days and came back to them this week and changed a couple of edits on a couple of them. This was one of them, which I found I needed to bring up the vibrancy, bring down the highlights further and brighten the whole image up.

Week 48: Creative: Split Tones:

One day this week, I went outside with the intention of shooting some pictures of my garden and flowers, but Cleo decided to join me and I captured some shots of her on the veranda with the pot plants. I then edited these with a cyan/purple split tone. I haven’t every really touched the split tone tool in Lightroom, mostly because I always overlook it. Using it this week I can imagine split toning my images a lot more in future; on some photographs it adds to the aesthetic in a way no other editing technique can.

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