2018 Photography Challenge: October

Week 41: Composition: Rule of Odds:

I decided to use my film cameras my pop got me as the subjects of this image. It’s not a perfect shot, probably more journalistic. Only half of these work, and there’s only one I really use which is the Ricoh 35zf on the far left. Still, it made for a good image to recreate the rule of odds.

Week 42: Technical: Shutter Drag

For this week I decided to head to the Mothar Mountain rock pools for some long exposures of the rushing water. I got many shots but this one I was most happy with.

Week 43: Creative: A Song

This week was pretty easy for me; the first idea that came into my head for this one was Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. I had a couple of smoke bombs still from a university assignment and I had a couple of dams on my property. However it was a lot harder to execute this than I initially thought, mostly because the smoke is picked up by wind I can’t even feel, making it hard to plan for. However on the second day of trying this shoot and my last smoke bomb, I went with whatever I could get, and this was my final shot.

Week 44: WildCard: Photographer’s Choice:

One afternoon this week I got really creative in my garden, and took photos of my plants and trees surrounding our house. For this particular image, I wanted to create some soft foreground blur with other flowers in the front and a colourful background blur.

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