2018 Photography Challenge: September

Week 36: Vision: Ordinary

This week I used one of my great loves – books – as my subject. I love that such an ordinary object can hold so much meaning, so many stories and lives. This book is a one that was released last year, “Saga Land”. I love the old stories of Norse mythology and Scandinavia. It’s such a different world to the one we live in now.

Week 37: Composition: Eye Lines:

I wish I could have used my grandparents as subjects for this week, but I didn’t have the time, so I used my mother as my subject instead. I got her to stand in front of the kitchen glass door and and smile while I captured her eye lines. I love this photo, because it shows her age as well as her playful side.

Week 38: Technical: Focus Stacking:

This photo I stacked from a few I took of different images focused on different parts of the little round cactus in the middle of the pot. All photos were taken with an aperture of 1.8 so the depth of field was very small. Stacking them expanded the final photos focus area.

Week 39: Creative: Abstract:

This photograph is of a plant I keep in my room. In the mornings when the light shines through the window and onto the leaves, I can see it light up the veins in the leaves which looks kinda cool.

Week 40: Vision: Classic Novel

This one was a little harder to find something to do for. I have a pair of stripy socks, so my first idea was to recreate the scene in The Wizard Of Oz where the witch is crushed under the house, her legs showing from underneath wearing striped long socks and those iconic red shoes. Instead, as I was walking down town, I noticed the gardeners had planted roses in all the gardens to decorate the town park in time for this years school graduations. Photographed a white rose bush, then a red rose bush to get the colour, and edited the image of the white roses to look like it had been painted in red paint. Check out my process video here. Unfortunately the video stopped recording half way through my edit, so I only have half of my process to show you.

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