2018 Photography Challenge: August

Week 31: Photographer’s Choice:

One night this week our dog, Hound, was waiting for my dad at the door, and after waiting for a few minutes, he sat down. After waiting some more, he eventually lay down, and then put his chin on his fore paw, as the photograph depicts. The way the light from entry way was lighting up the doorway and Hound, I wanted to show the sometimes sad and lonely side to the loyalty dogs had towards their humans. Not that this situation was sad or nor was Hound lonely; Dad only went to get some bones for him and talk to Mum and took a little longer than expected before heading back outside, but Hound sat there the whole time, waiting for his human to reappear.

Week 32: Alphabet:

I had one idea for this task and one idea only; a heap of books that spell ‘books’. Can you tell I like to read? I hauled box after box of books from my bookshelf in my room into my lounge room and arranged them into letters on the floor and photographed each I created. I then edited them all and put them into one picture to spell ‘Books’.

Week 33: Figure to Ground:

I recently got a film camera, courtesy of my resourceful grandfather who used to use a film camera himself, and develop his own photographs. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited, and, typical of any photographer, had to photograph it. I used it as my subject for this task in ‘figure to ground’ one afternoon with the afternoon sun lighting up the camera.

Week 34: The Wild Side:

For this photograph I decided (once again) to photograph my cat, because they are sometimes pretty wild. I used a cat toy for her to focus on and snapped this photo her intently focusing on the toy.

Week 35: Loneliness:

This photograph was taken down one of our paddocks, and it shows Bub, our sick cow with the sore foot that I mentioned in my last blog post. We had to keep her separated so she wouldn’t show anyone who’s boss (because she does that) and get a bit carried away while she should be healing. She’s turned into a sort of pet, to be honest, and everyone is cool with that. She’s a great character, believe it or not, and she’s quite clever and knows when and how to escape if she wants to get to the greener grass on the other side of the fence. I wanted to show how alone she can be, one cow in one paddock alone.

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