2018 Photography Challenge: June

Week 23: No Peeking:

So, for this assignment, it was to be taken as the title says: without looking at the viewfinder, like you were using a film camera. Now, I don’t have a film camera, so this one was super hard, mainly because I am so used to being able to look at the image after I’ve taken it. I also know what the image is going to look like even before I take it thanks to the technology that is the viewfinder. Take that away and I never realised how much of a disaster that would be. It took me many, many tries, and the perfectionist in me couldn’t settle on anything less than any image I took like this, but I eventually just settled on one anyway to get the assignment done. As an afterthought, I really appreciate film, and can see how this skill to read a scene and photograph it without seeing what it looks like is a great thing to learn and it makes me appreciate photography more and spend more time in my images. Throughout the whole challenge so far this year, this particular week taught me the most.

Week 24: Contrast:

This week I took a trip to Mooloolaba with family and friends and decided to take my camera along with me. As we were travelling along the river in the boat we were having lunch in, the sides of the river were covered in these jagged rocks. I took a picture of the bank and of a couple of girls having gone for a walk/run for the morning having stopped on the sidewalk. When I got back home and uploaded the photographs of the day to my computer, I realised this image would be perfect for this task, because of the light, smooth clouds in the background and the jagged, harsh rocks in the foreground create a great contrast for the image.

Week 25: Starburst:

This task was all about large apertures and sun spots. I decided to take this one in the town, using the clock tower on the old Council Chambers in Gympie as my subject. It was taken in the morning, about 9-10am in Winter.

Week 26: High or Low Key Portrait:

The photo of this task was taken on my property of my lovely cow. Yeah, that doesn’t sound so convincing, but trust me; she’s pretty cool. Anyway, it was taken when she had an injury in her foot and she was grumpy and had to stay secluded so she couldn’t hurt herself even more. What she had was foot rot, which, if you’re interested in this stuff, is basically a rot or infection forming in her hoof after getting jabbed with a rock, piece of metal or sharp piece of wood when the weather has been wet, softening the hoof. It was a bright, sunny day, however I did take the image in the shade of a tree at a high exposure to fulfil the high key portrait task.

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