2018 Photography Challenge: July

Week 27: Flattery

The idea for this week was to choose a famous photographer or artist and recreate their technique. I decided to choose Ansel Adams. His photographs were known for their wonderful black and white detail. I decided to recreate an image of his, one taken of thr ground with a large leaf in the centre. In my version I’ve set the leaf to the side in rule of thirds, however I hope I have succeeded in recreating his technique with the detail and the contrasting blacks and whites.

Week 28: Left to Right Rule:

At the end of week 28 in this challenge, on the 24th of July, I decided to merge this challenge with a love of my own: history (yeah, history geek here). I went to the Abbey Medieval Festival in Caboolture for the first time, and went all out on costumes and medieval-ness. Anyway, in the afternoon there were a few ‘fights’ and re-enactments which I photographed. This image was taken of a scene, pretty much out of Game of Thrones, with a real life “The Mountain” and his opponent fighting it out in front of the crowd.

Week 29: Twilight Zone:

When this week rolled around, it was about smack bang in the middle of Winter here in Queensland. Twilight didn’t really last that long at this time of year, and I was taking photos through the ‘twilight hour’ and after twilight passed. This photograph was taken just after twilight, and I waited a little afterwards because that’s when the starts properly start to appear in the sky. Above the diesel tank is the milky way, though you can’t tell, despite my best efforts.

Week 30: Circles:

Living on a farm with a father who works in tree felling means there are many logs and trees on our property. I decided to use this as an opportunity for the task this week. I took a photo of a pile of logs in our paddock which, obviously, look like circles, a perfect example for this assignment.

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