Seeing Kaleidoscopes

In my last semester of University, we are given a group task that involved working with real clients for a hypothetical advertising campaign. Anyone who has ever done any advertising will know how much is involved in a full campaign, and this task was no exception. We all had our set jobs, and mine ended up being creating the graphics that would go on the advertisements for the campaign, then another team member would add text and details to create the final ad. Our client we had for the task was the Noosa International Film Festival (NIFF), and our big idea for the task was the idea of seeing something different perspectives, themes, stories and so forth that come with film making. This then narrowed down to using a kaleidoscope design for our ads as everyone sees something different through the kaleidoscope and therefore everyone’s take on it is different, just like films. Here are the graphics I created for the campaign:


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