2018 Photography Challenge: May

Week 18: Photographer’s Choice: This week I did I shoot with my brother on his motorbike. He wanted me to shoot him on his phone to get some videos of him, but I took my camera as well, with the intent on getting some candid shots of him. I did get a few and the above photograph of him is my favourite, mainly because of the sun back lighting him.

Week 19: Edge Cut Sun: This week was the first time I had set out to deliberately get a starburst or lens flares: before then they kinds just happened and I had never really set out to create them. This week was all about creating that while using certain settings in the camera, and I love the effect it created in my photograph, even though my image is not that exciting.

Week 20: From Below: Everyone knows cats love boxes. So do mine. I went outside and found her in one someone had left of the veranda and decided to reach for my camera. This week’s task is to take a photo from a low vantage point, so I took this opportunity to take a photo for this week’s task. I love this, as it only shows the top half of her face, and she has mesmerising green and yellow eyes that look amazing in photographs.

Week 21: Product: The task this week was to create a product photograph and to imagine it as it it were to go into a magazine or catalogue. I decided to use my Christian Paul watch for this shoot on my denim jacket under the light of the window.

Week 22: Door: I decided to use one of the gates on our property as my subject for this week instead of a door as it serves the same purpose as a door. The trees and bushes in behind the gate almost hide the path that leads up through it.

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