2018 Photography Challenge: March

We finished up February with a few abandoned train carriages and the like. This month we explore macro, negative space and selective colour.

Week 10: Selective Colour: This week was a little tough, because I didn’t know what to photograph that hadn’t already been photographed before and edited with selective colour. In the end, I went with photographing a flower in my garden (totally not done before) and opened Photoshop to select the petals and create the selective colour effect.

Week 11: Negative Space: This was something else I struggled with, but in the end I was lying outside enjoying the sunlight with a good book when I decided to give this one a crack. I like the organic feel the grass and paper give to the photograph (also, stock photograph worthy). I actually wanted the book to lay open, flat, but it just wouldn’t, which as it so often happens, only added to the photograph.

Week 12: Macro: I don’t own a macro. I really want one, but I don’t have one. I do have a 55-200 zoom lens that kinda works pretty well, minus the miniature bug detailed photographs (:|). So this week, I decided to get up close and personal with my cat; or as close as you can with a zoom lens. This was difficult, trying to hold my camera steady with the zoom all the way in and the subject so close, but I managed, and I love the results. As a side note, these photographs would have also done well in the Fill the Frame task in Week 7.

Week 13: Leading Lines: For this task, I decided to take a photograph of my drive way, which is 500 meters long so I had enough to play with here. As I was taking the shot, I heard my father coming up the drive way in his ute after out doing some work on a property, and took the opportunity to use the ute as the subject. It worked out perfectly.

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