2018 Photography Challenge: February

Last month we finished off in week 5 of the Dogwood Photography Challenge. The assignment for that week was a wild card; this meant it was the photographer’s choice as to what they would photograph and why. I struggled a lot to find time and places to go to fulfil the assignments each week, so I would use images from the next week or week before, working on two weeks at once sometimes. This month started off similarly.

Week 6: Alternating Rhythm: week six was all about finding alternating patterns of light. Given that I took a whole lot of photographs while in Brisbane last month, I decided to use one from while I was there for this assignment as well. I had read ahead to the description for week 6 and knew what they were asking for, and thought of the best photograph for it. It was raining and it was night time. I focused my camera on the window instead of the lights of the cars and was not disappointed by the patterns of bokeh I received.

Week 7: Fill the Frame: I had to bust out my zoom lens for this one. I had been using my 50mm for so long and I hardly used my 50-200mm zoom anymore. I am glad I have it in my kit though. For this assignment, I chose to photography my cat up close, with her amazing blue eyes.

Week 8: Zoom Burst: Doing the zoom burst was hard this week, because I needed to find something to photograph that was in context with and suited the zoom burst. I decided to use the local old train station as a location. I photographed the tracks, which are now overrun with grass, but I still love the effect, even if the shot isn’t perfect.

Week 9: Forsaken: This week was all about forsaken or abandoned places. When I took the shot of the zoom burst, I decided to hit two birds with one stone and take photographs of the beautiful, old carriages lined up along the abandoned tracks.

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