2018 Photography Challenge: January

At the beginning of this year, I decided to commit myself to the Dogwood Photography Challenge which you can just find online. To be completely honest, it started out very sporadic, and I have only now (kind of) caught up with it. Some I have not had the time or have forgotten to do it, given my new full-time work schedule, so I had to slot some in from later on after the assignment week had passed. Ultimately, I am doing the challenge at the best pace I can and getting each week done as I can.

The way the challenge works is each week is a new assignment and each month I will post here what I did for each assignment for that month. So, here is January’s photographs from the challenge with my intents and so on.

Week 1: Look ahead: For this image, I was a bit stuck for a while but eventually went with what it meant for me in the new year. This year I don’t go back to uni as I’ve finished so it’s a bit of a change, as well getting a full time job as well (another big change). So this year, I want to focus on growth, following my passions, not getting too caught up in the stress of life and relaxing a bit.

Week 2: Colour harmony: I love books. I love book cover design. I love colour. Mesh them together and you get why I chose books for my subject for this week. I have so many books in different colours that I thought they would be the best candidate for this assignment.

Week 3: Full Manual: This is where things got sporadic because I kind of  went ‘meh’ with this one; I always shoot manual. And before I knew it I was behind. Long story short, this is a photo I took after the slotted in for this assignment. I took this in Brisbane from a hotel window. I tried to get the clean lines of the lights, but this is what I got and I thought it was a nice and different way to do the long exposure. That parts of the cars on the left lane can be seen still doesn’t bother me; in fact I believe it adds to the image.

Week 4: Quiet Moment: This one was a pretty easy assignment. I thought about the quiet moments I get in my own life, and decided to photograph how my ideal morning looks like: sitting outside with a coffee and a good book.

Week 5: Photographer’s Choice: This week the assignment was a Wildcard, where I could shoot on my own terms. It was another one that I struggled with, finding an intent and a subject to shoot. I decided to slot in another from my trip to Brisbane. This is another one from the hotel window, taken of the river the city at night.

That’s all from this month. I’m determined to become more organised for next month, but we shall see.



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