University Packaging Task

This was another assignment from my third year design classes that involved creating a brand new product and to create it’s packaging and branding. The product I chose to create was a mint dark chocolate called Aztec Delight. I chose the name Aztec Delight because I did some research and found that chocolate practically started with the Aztecs. They loved the cocoa bean so much that they even used it as a currency. After the Spanish conquered the Aztecs they took the cocoa beans, noticing how they almost worshipped the cocoa bean and started to experiment with them. They eventually made hot chocolate by adding sugar the original cocoa drink the Aztecs had made to sweeten the bitter taste, and over time they made chocolate. For the assignment we were asked to create full prototypes for the products and photograph them in a way that they could be used for advertisements. You can find the full project in my portfolio, but here’s the final packaging for my chocolate block product.

Aztec Delight Packaging Style 2


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