LA Designs to Frankly Speaking Re-Branding!

So LA Designs has now been re-branded! The new branding for my service is Frankly Speaking. This new design for my identity is a lot more professional, modern and unique, not to mention more in tune with my own style. I love it, and I hope you do to.

Frankly Speaking

I chose the frankly speaking idiom, just if you’re wondering, because I consider myself a frank and honest person, and I just like the phrase. I designed it to me more modern than my original branding, and felt it would be more successful. Here are some designs I have done for my collateral.

Frankly Speaking Postcard Design
Frankly Speaking Says Hello Postcard Design

Along with the re-branding, you’ll notice the website it a lot different too. I’ve updated my portfolio to more relevant and recent projects I have been doing. I hadn’t had the time earlier this year to update the website and my online portfolio because of my University studies, but it’s all in there now. Go take a look at my portfolio, and check out what I’ve been up to.


Frankly Speaking

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